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December 1, 2014
Adam Allegro

Below are the links to places you can see my work around the internet:

Weekly Column for the Naples Panorama Newspaper:

June 3, 2011

June 10, 2011

June 17, 2011

June 24, 2011

July 1, 2011

July 8, 2011

July 15, 2011

July 22, 2011

Contests and Features:

LA Times Feature – Venus transits the Sun

LA Times Feature – Trulli Houses of Alberobello

LA Times Editor’s Choice – Summer 2012 Travel Photography Contest

Department of State Photography Contest Finalist

Earthsots.org Photo of the Day 25 SEP

Earthshots.org Photo of the Day 04 JUN

SusanRockefeller.com – Friends of Susan

ABC News Venus Transit

Costa Rica Star Feature

Mission of Mermaids Look Book

Rosearkrated Featured Art

Kingdom of Sweden in 50 Stunning Photos

NIK Software June Newsletter Feature

Popular Photo June 2012 Best Shots – Number 10

100 Awesome Photography Links and Photographs

Los Angeles Times Travel Contest

Los Angeles Times Reader Travel Photo Highlights

Los Angeles Times “Your Scene”

Los Angeles Times Offbeat Traveler – Ale’s Stones in Southern Sweden

Los Angeles Times Offbeat Traveler – Pozzuoli, Italy Amphitheater

Los Angeles Times Bizarre and Unusual Destinations around the World

Discovery Venus Transit Photos

CNN Vetted iReport Feature on 2012 Supermoon Photos

La Maleta de los Viajes (Travel Website) Feature

National Geographic “Your Photos”

National Geographic Photo Contest Editor’s Favorites

Rick Sammon Friday Fab Photographer

Lightstalking “Coolest Photography Links of the Week”

Lightstalking Cool Links for Photography Addicts

Lightstalking Links That Will Make Sure You Get Nothing Else Done Today 

Lightstalking “Great Top Ten Lists of 2011″

Lightstalking “Photography Junky’s Weekly Link Collection”

Lightstalking “The Coolest of the Week”

Lightstalking Photography Links of the Week #25

Lightstalking “Links and Photos That Will Make Your Photography-Loving Head Explode”

Lightstalking “Explode Your Brain With These Great Photography Links”

Lightstalking Photography Links that will Rock Your World

Lightstalking Photography Links for True Addicts

Lightstalking Photography Links to Rock your Socks

Lightstalking Coolest Photography Links of the Week

Lightstalking Triple Bypass Photography Link List

Lightstalking Amazing Photography Articles and Photos

Chicago Tribune Offbeat Traveler Writeup

Lucky Magazine “Mission of Mermaids” Promo Column

Agoura Hills Patch Featured Blogger

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