Buy Art, Not Gift Cards

Hello Friends,

This holiday season, why not give your loved ones a piece of the world?  Instead of purchasing another gift card or electronic item, be different and buy them ART.

Art has the ability to transform you, inspire you, and bring you overall happiness. So why not give someone that gift?

With 2 backpacks and heaps of uncertainty, I set out last December to explore a region of the world I was embarrassingly unfamiliar with.  I spent 9 months backpacking throughout Asia, beginning in Seoul, South Korea, followed by China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Along the way I met some truly amazing people and discovered so many unique cultures. I found myself constantly humbled by the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounded me daily.  I was literally living a photographer’s dream…

My most recent collection of images, The Silk Road Seriesis now available for purchase. I am offering three sizes in a crisp Lustre finish.  I just received copies of all of the prints to ensure quality and they look stunning! The Lustre finish is printed on heavier than normal print paper (Kodak Supra Endura) and offers the vibrancy of a glossy finish and durability/fingerprint resistance of a matte finish.

Each photograph is unique in its own way, and will tell you a story if you let it.  Give the gift of ART this holiday season.

10% off all sizes until the end of November.  Use coupon code “EXPLORE” at checkout.

You can click the link above or click on the upper left where it says “Shop Prints”.

Thanks for all the support!

Fire and Lightning

I took this photo one evening during the fire shows on the beach of Koh Tao, Thailand.  As I sat and photographed, I was hoping to catch a lightning strike over the horizon. I got lucky on one of the 6 second exposures. You can see the bolt in the center that provided the natural backlighting in the sky.

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Buy Art, Not Gift Cards