Milky Way from Fraggle Rock

After almost forty hours of travel and a nice fifteen hour snooze, I am sitting in front of my 27 inch iMac, jet lagged at 6 AM eating REAL (leftover) Mexican food and editing photos. This is the first post since the blog’s update (I would love to hear your thoughts below on the new look). Please continue to check back often, as I will be posting tons of new photos from my travels.

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The past 4 months in Koh Tao have been nothing short of amazing. I met many wonderful people there who I will be close to for the rest of my life and have tons of memories that will stay with me forever. Thanks for making the past 4 months some of the best of my life Ty, Wilco, Danny, Cat, Darren, Dave, Val, Bree and Phoenix, Verity, Tommy, Goodtime Adventures, Tim, Charlie and Baily, Linzi, Sara, Bart, Fernando, Jesse, Julia, Nallah, Adam and Adam, James, Clay, Molly, Matty, Laura, Bob, Cam, Denny, Lisa, Rachel, Dan, Dennis, Courtney, Catalina, Momma, and Tommy the Gecko (my other roommate). You guys Rock!

About a week ago, ten of us went up to Fraggle Rock to see the sun set over Sairee Beach and do some nighttime abseiling (rappelling).  It was so clear out you could easily see the Milky Way, the low clouds underneath brilliantly illuminated by the green glow of the squid boats to the southwest.  I stole one of my friend’s lights to do some light painting on the foreground trees, which complement the background green glow and Milky Way nicely.  It took 5 or 6 shots to dial in all the settings until I got what I wanted.

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Photo Details:

Nikon D800 + Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens

Tripod and remote

Focal Length – 14mm (Full Frame)

Exposure – 30 Seconds @ f/7.1

ISO – 2500

Full Res Dimensions – 4912 x 7360

Edited with Lightroom 4 and Nik Plugins (Sharpener and Dfine)

27 inch iMac w/ 16GB RAM

Thanks for visiting!  It feels awesome to be blogging again! 

  1. Rich McPeek says:

    Love the new blog layout and look and this pic rocks man! Great work and what an amazing time it sounds like you had!

  2. Beautifully spectacular! :-)

  3. Edith Levy says:

    This is beautiful Adam and welcome back. I’ve been following your adventures on Facebook and look forward to more blog posts and images from you.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey great to see you back dude, great looking site and stunning photo.

  5. Rosa says:

    Ciao Adam!
    you update your website..about time to give more attention to your funs!!lol
    I already saw this pic on facebook …Is stunning I love the color…
    anyway well come back and thanks for delighting us with your shoot :)
    un abbraccio ciaoooooo

  6. Absolutely gorgeous colors here, Adam! Thanks for sharing a bit of your wonderful adventures with us all!

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Milky Way from Fraggle Rock