Driftwood Butterfly

Amazing four days of diving here on Gili Air with 3W Dive!

Every so often something happens in your life that blows you away. Tonight’s night dive provided that unforgettable experience for me.

After descending to 60 feet, we turned off our lights and were greeted by complete darkness and silence, both of us floating in space. We started moving our arms and legs and the darkness turned to light. Thousands of plankton began glowing all around us, following our movements, shimmering brightly. It was a truly magical experience and something I will never forget.

Go try something new tomorrow and surprise yourself!

While walking along the beach on the Island of Gili Air, Indonesia the other evening, I came across this gnarly old piece of driftwood in the sand. After 30 shots or so, I finally captured this photo. I was shooting handheld so capturing the waves movement while keeping the camera steady was somewhat of a challenge. The waves remind me of insect wings, hence the title.

Feel free to share if you like! Thanks guys!

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Driftwood Butterfly