Shadowing the Elder

During my visit to Sapa, Vietnam, I had a free afternoon to just wander around and photograph the village I was staying in, meeting locals and exchanging smiles.  I came across this adorable couple sitting on their porch eating sunflower seeds (I think it was her grandpa).  I took a couple of photos but didn’t realize how special one of them was until I arrived back at my home-stay.  If you examine this shot, you can see tons of parallels between the two.  Go ahead, look for them.  Cool huh?  If you look at the little girl close up you will see how big and beautiful her eyes were as well.  Thanks for visiting!

  1. Gracie says:

    That is so awesome! They are so cute together. I bet the old man didn’t even realize he was being copied by the little guy.

  2. Adam, this is a wonderful photograph! Great emotion here, perfect composition; you’ve really captured this moment perfectly my good friend!

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Shadowing the Elder