The Buffalo Herder

We are one day from finishing our four day motorbike trip through Central Vietnam.  We have already ridden over 300 km on the Ho Chi Minh Trail past rice fields, water buffalo, rubber plantations, minority villages and some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever come across, dodging trucks, busses, and other motorbikes on some questionable roads.  I will have a full, long post on the trip in a few days.  If you are Vietnam you should check out Easy Riders for a truly unique, tourist-free experience.

Today I wanted to share a few of photos from the rice paddies just outside Hoi An, Vietnam.  Renting bikes (only $1 for the whole day!), we explored for hours, and came across this water buffalo herder working the fields.  I called him over, ended up scaring his buffalo, and got some portrait shots with him and his ride.

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The Buffalo Herder The Buffalo Herder The Buffalo Herder