Xingping Cormorant Fishermen

Looks like one more night in China…  I just happened to jump in a cab today with the only honest, slow and safety-oriented taxi driver in China.  I was so close to having a perfect travel day too.  Barely caught the bus from Xingping to Yangshuo(1.5 hrs), pulled out some cash, jumped on the bus from Yangshuo to Nanning (5 hrs), and had an hour to get to the train station to catch the 12 hr train to Hanoi, Vietnam.  Butttt, Honest Abe took his time and made me miss it.  Oh well, it gives me some time to catch up on many neglected, mundane activities I have been putting off.  On the bright side, I am all booked on the overnight train tomorrow evening to Hanoi and have done some more research on North Vietnam.  Stay tuned!

One of the primary reasons I spent 9 days in the Guilin area was to photograph and sightsee around the Li River.  My favorite town, Xingping, is particularly famous for its Cormorant Fishermen.  These guys are so cool – they have these awesome birds who dive for them and catch their fish.  They tie a little string around the birds’ neck so they can’t swallow the fish, but reward them after the fishing is complete.  It is said that one fishing bird is as good as three fishermen.

These photos were completely unscripted (unlike what you see all over google images when you search for Cormorant Fishermen, not that there is anything wrong with that…), and shot on the fly, two from a moving boat while panning with a moving fisherman in the pouring rain (you can see the droplets hitting the water and also coming down from the sky), and the other two just before sunrise, handheld at ISO 1000.  The portrait was of one of the fishermen we saw walking back to his boat after he put his little workers away.  As always, I would love to hear from you!

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Xingping Cormorant Fishermen Xingping Cormorant Fishermen Xingping Cormorant Fishermen Xingping Cormorant Fishermen