The Sun and the Moon

Yesterday was great.  Met some wonderful people, experienced the most hair-raising drive of my life through windy mountain roads in a questionable, late-80’s model, falling-apart van, hiked up to the beautiful Rice Terraces outside of Guilin, and visited a unique little minority village.

Heading out in a few to cruise down the Li River in a Bamboo Boat (pretty sure its just plastic, but the scenery should still be fantastic).  The next 4 days I will be biking and trekking around some of the most beautiful scenery in China, so get ready for tons of new material!

Today I wanted to share a photo from inside the Guilin city center.  The Sun and the Moon Pagodas sit quietly in the middle of the Four Lakes, surrounded by a bustling Chinese “village” or roughly 620,000 people.  Yup, that’s what a village is in China.  An awesome little spot to spend the evening shooting, posing (I must have take pictures with 15 different people over the course of 2 hours), and listening to music.  Very cool place.

Thanks for visiting!

  1. mark says:

    WOW stunning shot Adam.

  2. Michele says:

    You are having too many wonderful experiences; be sure to treasure each and every one and have as many as possible to remember for a lifetime. Your pictures are a wonderful travel log and I enjoy each and every one.

  3. Edith Levy says:

    Absolutely stunning Adam.

  4. […] The Sun and the Moon – beautifully lit architectural details of Guilin city are shot and shared here by roving photographer Adam Allegro.  Adam’s great adventures as he travels make for wonderful photography, allowing to visit exotic and distant locations by joining along. […]

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The Sun and the Moon