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What an awesome (and exhausting) day in Macau.  More than just a Casino city, there is significant Portuguese influence (I believe they turned over control to China in 1999), including beautiful churches, spacious squares, forts, temples, and wonderful local food.  I spent all day walking around the island ensuring I absorbed all that I could.  Now I am back in Hong Kong in my closet-sized room planning my next adventure.

Looks like I will be taking the sleeper train tomorrow evening to Guilin where I will spend four days photographing on the Li River.  I have been excited about this city for years and now I finally get to photograph there.  Here is a link to some of the stuff I hope to be shooting.  Depending on internet I will be posting during my stay.  After Guilin its south in to Vietnam.  Stay tuned!

As I was walking back from photographing the skyline the other night I happened upon this intersection.  I should have time-lapsed it so you could get a feel of the waves upon waves of people crossing the street every couple of minutes.  I did take a few photos though, one of which I am sharing below for you.  Let me know what you think!

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Hustle and Bustle