The Struggling Turtle

Welcome back!  I am currently waiting in a Chinese fast food shop (only place around here with wifi) until my train bound for Hong Kong gets here.  I was in line at 7:00 this morning waiting to get a ticket to Kowloon (Hong Kong), after having spent a restless night’s sleep traveling on the sleeper train from Longyan to Guang Zhou Dong (surprisingly, the bed was long enough for me, but I woke up to find two cockroaches in the room this morning).  Turns out tickets for the two hour ride to Hong Kong were sold out for every train this morning, forcing me to kill some time.  I will be in Hong Kong for 3 days, heading over to Macau for one of the days.

Xiamen was a beautiful little island city with one of China’s most picturesque universities, rolling mountains, rich history, and many Chinese tourists.  It is definitely worth a visit if you have some free time on your China trip.

I watched these turtles for about 10 minutes.  They were pretty funny, crawling all over each other, throwing one another off the platform, and struggling over and over to get back up.  This one turtle peaked my interest.  He continued to climb up, falling down with a little splash after each attempt.  Over and over and over… If the metal bars were not surrounding the turtle area I would have helped the little guy.  I eventually lost interest but got this snapshot of his struggles before I left.

Enjoy!  I will try to post some more photos once I find more wifi.

Thanks for visiting and for the support.  Off to Hong Kong!

  1. Nancy Pryor says:

    These type of scenes to me make us stop and really enjoy life. It’s relaxing.

  2. Mark says:

    Very cool shot Adam. Enjoy your next train journey, hopefully without the cockroaches.

  3. Jimi Jones says:

    Such a funny shot, man. I see coins in the frame, making a wish? :)

    Too bad you had to wait out the train ride. Best of luck & safe travels, bud.

  4. Edith Levy says:

    He is a cute little guy. Enjoy Hong Kong.

  5. Jelena says:

    I’m a little behind on your posts but I was so delighted to see this one! I love the turtles, especially red eared sliders. I have two of them at home and they are such funny personalities. Mine have the little “climbing ramp” in aquarium so it’s a little bit easier for them, but they also climb on the top of each other and throw each other into water.
    Thank you very much for sharing this lovely photo! :)

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The Struggling Turtle