Light Show at the Bund

Welcome back.  I am still in Shanghai and will begin heading south in a few days.  I decided to hit Beijing on the way back through China, sometime in November or December.

I am actually on my way out to get my Vietnamese Visa all straightened out so I can enter Vietnam on February 4th.  Keep checking back for new posts!

Today I wanted to share a couple of long exposure photos from the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.  It actually is not that exciting, but photographers should take the 5 minute trip for the photos.  I suppose a kid would get a kick out of it too… The train takes you underneath the Huangpu River, a light show shining all around you during your short trip.  Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Thanks for visiting!

  1. rosa says:

    really cool pics 😉

  2. Mark says:

    All very cool shots Adam.

  3. LensScaper says:

    Worth it for the images, Adam.

  4. How totally awesome, Adam! Wow, those are some truly crazy colors and abstract shapes!

  5. […] Light Show at the Bund – an absolutely incredible collection of new photographs from Adam Allegro takes us to the sightseeing tunnels in China that put on an incredible light show.  Adam uses a long exposure to capture these shots creating a set of pictures full of vibrant colors and abstract shapes. […]

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Light Show at the Bund Light Show at the Bund Light Show at the Bund Light Show at the Bund