Homeless in Shanghai

Yesterday began with somewhat disappointing since the Urban Planning Museum wasn’t open due to Monday being China’s weekly “holiday”.  I know, that sounds like an extremely dull place to go visit, but there is an exhibit that shows what Shanghai will look like in 2020, built to scale, and taking up an entire floor of the building.  So, I am going to head back there today and try to get some keepers as well as visit Shanghai’s most popular gardens.

On the bright side, there was this gritty old homeless man with his Huck Finn stick and sac, wandering around just outside the museum.  I gave him some change and asked if I could photograph him.  He didn’t exactly say no, but instead gave me some throaty grunts, which I interpreted as meaning “have at it!”.  I love the detail in his face, the cigarette, environment, and every other thing about this photo.

Heading out to explore Shanghai now and then off on a little three-day adventure to some exciting villages and towns surrounding the city.  Stay tuned!

I used Nik’s Color Efex Pro to process both of this photos.  I also use Nik’s Sharpener Pro on every photo I export.  What awesome programs – I continue to be delighted by the quality products Nik Software puts out!  You can get any and all of the Nik Software Photography Plugins Here!

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  1. Nancy Pryor says:

    I love this man’s coat—really.

  2. Cindy Taylor says:

    I totally agree – this is a wonderful portrait!! Such character in his face. Wouldn’t you just love to sit and here stories from his life? I’ll bet it’s one hell of a tale!

  3. Edith Levy says:

    Excellent portrait.

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Homeless in Shanghai