Shanghai from the Bund

Well, I made it safely to China.  I thought customs would be difficult, filled with endless interrogations and difficulty (shows how little I know), but it ended up being pretty anti-climactic… In fact, I was grilled more upon returning to the USA from Italy last summer then entering big, scary China.

So far the people have been awesome, friendly and outgoing, ready to lend a hand whenever needed.  The food has already blown me away and I have only been here a couple of days.  It makes me excited to think that I get to sample some of China’s finest over the next month.  I am going to explore in and around Shanghai this week, heading up to Beijing for a few days next, then its on down the coast to Vietnam.

Last night we decided to head over to the Bund to get some night photos of the Shanghai Skyline.  The perfectionist that I am, I needed to get the buildings situated just right, so we proceeded to walk and extra hour to find a better spot.  The problem was, the public walkway ended and we ran out of space.  We walked on the parallel road for a bit before we found a little Starbucks overlook.  It would have been perfect but there was a big, ugly Chinese Pilot Boat sitting in most of the scene, with two barriers blocking any way on to the pier.  Well, I decided to play the dumb photographer and hopped the first barrier and moved the other out of the way.  Once I got to the water’s edge and began to set up my tripod, a cop started yelling at me furiously in Chinese, walking towards me with his hand over his holstered gun.  I tried to smile and ask if I could just snap some photos but he wasn’t having any of it. It was at that point that I thought, screw the photos, I don’t want to get shot in my first 24 hours in China…

I ended up getting out of there as fast as humanly possible. We then decided to head back to the Bund and photograph there for a while.  The low hanging clouds provided some beautiful ambiance for the skyline shots and pollution was at a minimum.  An awesome dinner with Benji (my gracious host) and his girlfriend followed.

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  1. Mark says:

    Stunning Adam, love that middle one.

  2. Cindy Taylor says:

    Wow Adam, what a wonderful adventure you are having already!! These shots are truly amazing, and even though I usually prefer colour shots to B&W, the third one is my favourite. There’s something about the mood it creates that I just love, and I couldn’t believe how much the one tower looks like the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada where I grew up. Did you use a tripod?

  3. Hey Adam, awesome images,Killer details, and clarity .. the Mono Really Rocks!!! looks like your adventure is over the TOP!!! Wishing ya a productive, safe, and healthy New Year!! Keep those images coming!!

  4. Len Saltiel says:

    These are awesome shots Adam. That first one is absolutely killer.

  5. Mark Neal says:

    Beautiful set, Adam. I kinda like the monochrome. Nice mood.

  6. Great images Adam! Glad you hear that you are enjoying the food. I have always wanted to go to China but for me the food would be the scary part. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food (comes from getting sick too many times in various countries).

  7. Great story and great shots!

  8. Edith Levy says:

    Adam the B&W image just rocks! Love it.

  9. LensScaper says:

    Superb shots Adam. And thanks for the info on Tripods. I am finally coming round to the idea of getting one. I’ve managed without for 45years! Glad you survived the guy with the gun. It reminds me of when we stopped to shoot some images of the Hoover Dam, I wandered off the road about 100yds for a better POV and found my self being addressed by a cop with a loud hailer to get back off down to the road FAST. I moved! Have a great time in China.

  10. Fabulous vibrant colors in the city’s architecture here, Adam, just perfectly captured my good friend! I’ve really been enjoying following along with you on this adventure, this was a top drawer set of shots my friend!

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Shanghai from the Bund Shanghai from the Bund Shanghai from the Bund