Busan on Canvas

So far Korea has been amazing.  I spent a good amount of time exploring Seoul before heading to the south to photograph Busan.  Talk about photo opportunities… Between the towering mountains surrounding the city, beautiful Buddhist Temples scattered about, and one of the best skylines I have ever seen, inspiration was not hard to find. Tomorrow I will be heading back down south to visit some areas I scouted online, so I won’t post again until next Friday.  Please feel free to subscribe to my Public Updates on Facebook, as I will be posting Instagram photos daily (Instagram user name is @catchthejiffy) whenever I can find wifi. Below is one of my favorite photos from Busan.  In the city center, there is wonderful little park which provides this sweeping view of all the towering buildings.  There were five other photographers shooting when I arrived, so the area is fairly well-known.  The reflections in the water look magical to me.  I was a little disappointed that the water was so choppy, since I wanted some crisp reflections of the buildings, but the 77 second exposure ended up coming out fantastic, the pastel reflections in the foreground my favorite part.  Click the image to see it large in the lightbox.  What do you think?

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  1. Cindy Taylor says:

    Wow, this shot is spectacular!! I love the colours :).

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah WOW, stunning shot Adam.

  3. Michele says:

    great picture, you are lucky you caught it at the right moment. Keep taking those interesting shots.

  4. Edith Levy says:

    It is a terrific shot Adam. The reflection look like an impressionist painting.

  5. Beautiful image Adam. It’s hard to believe that the water was so choppy. With the long exposure it appears to be so smooth. Great job!

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Busan on Canvas