Snowed In

This past week I had the opportunity to spend some time camping in Sequoia National Forest.  It was a quick 2 night trip, the first meant to be spent at the Lodgepole Campground of General’s Highway, and the second to be spent at around 10,000 feet at Pear Lake.  Well, due to some piss poor planning on my part, my plans had to be modified the second night – I did not take in to account the pending storm and decided to make the hike anyways.

I met a wonderful couple the night before at the campground who expressed interest in making the hike with me the following morning.  After waking up, packing up all my gear,  and eating some tasty brown sugar and cinnamon Pop Tarts, we were off.  The beginning of the Lakes Trail is located at the Wolverton Trailhead, about a four mile drive from Lodgepole.  Here is a map of the area:

After hiking for four and a half hours we finally reached Heather Lake.  For most of the hike the weather was beautiful albeit a tad cold, but when we reached the lake, storm clouds began moving in.  My new friends decided to head back down to their car, as their campsite was still set up at Lodgepole, but I decided to stick it out.  Since the snow began falling shortly after, I made the decision to camp at Heather Lake instead of setting off on the additional three mile hike to Pear Lake.  Below you can see what my tent looked like just as the snow started falling.

And here you can see what I woke up to.  The night was rough, and I had no entertainment whatsoever – Kindle battery died, cell phone died… I was in the middle of Black Bear country with only a small can of Pepper Spray and a hunting knife, which spurred multiple dreary outcomes in my head.  In short, being tent-bound for 15 hrs in 12 degree weather really sucked.  The worst part was packing all of this gear up in the morning.

The trip was not a loss though, as I did get to shoot for about 90 minutes before the snow started coming down and darkness arrived.  Here are a couple shots from Heather Lake.

All in all, an awesome trip.  Although it kind of sucked at times, I feel I crossed a little barrier in my solo-camping endeavors and came back with many lessons learned (some of which I was re-learning from previous trips…).

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  1. LensScaper says:

    That doesn’t really look ideal camping weather! I don’t think I would have slept a wink knowing I was in black bear country.

  2. Rick Louie says:

    I picked up a solar charger and carry it in my backpack. It’s worked great for a 3 day camping trip and even charged on cloudy days. I’m glad you survived. I hate camping in the cold. My old bones just get too stiff these days. The first shot of Heather Lake is awesome.

  3. Edith Levy says:

    That must have been a rough night. At least you got back safely and came away with some good shots.

  4. Mats says:

    Brrr. Looks cold, wouldn’t want to spend time in a tent. :)

  5. Brian Sanchez says:

    Sounds like hell-of-a camping trip!! Great pictures!

  6. mark says:

    Great shots and a stunning place, sounds like a neat experience, except for the bears.

  7. Kevin Y says:

    Wow. Did you at least have sufficient gear to keep you warm that night?

    Beautiful pictures, and beautiful topographic map. Is there somewhere online I can get maps like that?

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Snowed In Snowed In Snowed In Snowed In Snowed In