Before and After on Route 5

It just dawned on me that in exactly three weeks I will be boarding a plane to South Korea, kicking off my backpacking trip through Asia.  I encourage you to follow along as I will be posting as much as I can during the adventure!

After camping 2 nights in Sequoia National Park I was faced with a grueling 5 hour drive back to LA.  Since I was a little lethargic from my previous night braving the storm at Heather Lake, around 10,000 feet of elevation, I tried to keep my mind occupied and alert by blasting music, eating copious amounts of sunflower seeds, drinking cup after cup of crappy coffee, and scouting for photo opportunities along the drive.

Just before hitting the incline up in to the mountains on Route 5 near Grapevine, I noticed these glorious rays of light streaming down from the clouds on to the golden hills to my right.  Pulling my Jeep over to the side of the road, traffic whizzing by me, I quickly took 3 shots, adjusting settings after each.  This is the first photo I’ve published that I shot with my new 24-70mm f/2.8.  That lens is amazing.  Thanks to Justin Kern over at The Golden Sieve for selling me on it :)  Go check out his work – you will be blown away.

Anyways, here is the before and after.  For editing, I cropped to my favorite pano size (which also happens to be the exact dimensions of Facebook Cover Photos, or 8.51 x 3.15).  Recovering some blown highlights and adding some graduated filters (to bring out some of the colors).  Contrast, white balance, saturating some yellows and oranges, and then shipping it to Nik’s Sharpener to get it all crisp and clear.  After I imported the photo back in to Lightroom, I made some more minor adjustments before calling it a day.  What do you think??

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  1. rosa says:

    you better put some pics from ur trip to Asia o I will cover your web of bad cooments!!!Lol

  2. rosa says:

    ps nice pics :)

  3. LensScaper says:

    Wow – fantastic light in that second image. Have a great trip, Adam

  4. mark says:

    Another stunning example of how it should be done, great shot and processing is fantastic.

  5. Ben Tucker says:

    Great processing love the final result! Would make an awesome print :)

  6. Wayne Frost says:

    Nice work, Adam. One of my fantasy’s is having access to a helicopter for two days, flying around the i-5 corridor and the central valley and setting down to take shots at will. Some potentially great scenes are out there, but difficult to catch when you are whizzing by at 80 mph on the highway.

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Before and After on Route 5 Before and After on Route 5