Painting Point Dume

After the sun finally set last night over Point Dume State Park in Malibu, CA, I decided to set up my tripod, being careful not cause any damage the numerous mussels surrounding me, and took in the stunning view set out before me…  The sky began glowing with the most beautiful colors, giving me the perfect backdrop to the blurred motion of the crashing waves in front of me.  This is a 2.5 second exposure I shot on my Gitzo Traveler tripod with on camera timed release.  Doesn’t it look like an oil painting to you?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!

  1. nancy pryor says:

    The waves look like floating clouds. Nice.

  2. rosa says:

    Da togliere il fiato….
    no words to express the beauty of the pic!!

  3. Mark says:

    Don’t know about an oil painting but pretty darn good, very nice Adam.

  4. LensScaper says:

    Beautiful shot, Adam

  5. Nice colors, Adam, and just the right amount of motion in the waves.

  6. Nolan says:

    Tremendous shot Adam!

  7. I really enjoyed this one, Adam, great image! I just love how long exposures smooth out the water like this, turning it into silk, and how this all is juxtaposed against the sharp details of the surrounding landscape.

  8. Jim Nix says:

    lovely color Adam!

  9. […] Painting Point Dume – I have to agree with Adam Allegro in this post, the image he shares here does resemble an oil painting.  As the waves ebb and flow on the California coast as the night begins to set in, Adam comes away with a gorgeous landscape scene that features strong colors in the sky and natural beautiful elements. […]

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Painting Point Dume