Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

After a week of exploring in the Bay Area, I am finally home and just started to process some of the images.  I want to thank everyone who lent me a bed for the night and for the awesome shooting location tips.  It was great to see some friends and family and catch up!

Before I turn right around and head in to the city, I wanted to share this photo, taken last night from Baker Beach in San Francisco.  As we were leaving the beach, the Golden Gate Bridge’s lights came on, reflecting beautifully off of the wet sand.  I had to unpack my gear and click a few shots or I would have kicked myself later!  Let me know what you think!

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  1. nancy pryor says:

    Glad you decided to unpack the gear. I have never seen the Golden Gate Bridge. Thanks for the great image.

  2. Ken Rowland says:

    Great shot Adam. You don’t see many night time shots of the bridge.

  3. Cathy Summer says:

    Eye dazzling shot Adam. Bravo!

  4. ken bello says:

    Brilliant shot, Adam. The reflection in the water is amazing.

  5. Mark says:

    Stunning shot Adam.

  6. Michele says:

    That is one of the most wonderful pictures I have seen of the Golden Gate Bridge, the symbol of California.

  7. Tim Pursall says:

    I would have kicked you Adam! (…kidding of course.)

    Wonderful picture. Loving the tones.

    Well done.

  8. rosa says:

    stupenda!!! I think I’m going to follow you around the world,,,looking at your pictures. So keep going on shooting like this! :)

  9. LensScaper says:

    This image is great not just because of the bridge but also for the wonderful foreground light – it couldn’t have been painted better.

  10. Brian Sanchez says:

    Great shot! The reflection is perfect.

  11. ABarlow says:

    wow man, that’s one nice shot. Love the warm color against the cool dusk.

  12. Really nice image Adam. Great colors, and the lights reflected in the wet sand is fantastic.

  13. John says:

    Great shot Adam! Nicely done on the reflection :)

  14. Great shot of this gem Adam, I need to get back out there myself

  15. Epic, Adam, simply epic! Great colors and tones in both the sky and the gently lit bridge really bring that wonderful architecture to life!

  16. RICK LOUIE says:

    One of my favorite cities! I love SF! Nice shot reflecting the light off of the water on the beach.

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Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk