Just Perfect

Without spoiling this shot by including  ramblings most people could care less about, I give you sunset from Point Dume State Park, my first California shot.  Enjoy!


  1. JoAnna Canning says:

    This is beyond words. What I would have given to see this sunset in real life!

  2. ken bello says:

    Great first shot, Adam.

  3. Gorgeous capture of a sunset at Point Dume. I actually saw my first whale there!

  4. Mark says:

    Wow, very nice, you could be back in Italy.

  5. Everett says:

    This scene is why 53 year old Native Californians like me will never leave this beautiful State, I love California, just hate the politics!! Great photograph!

  6. Michele says:

    That is beautiful; makes me wonder why I am halfway around the world looking for the perfect beach when there is such a great one in my own backyard.

  7. An incredible sunset; I would love to head towards California one day. I’m definitely looking forward to more shots from the state, would we be able to expect some skate / surf shots before long?

  8. So right Adam, perfect, in every way!

  9. LensScaper says:

    Lovely wide shot with foreground interest, Adam. I never tire of Sunsets.

  10. Edith Levy says:

    Beautiful Adam

  11. Ken Rowland says:

    Beautiful sunset Adam!

  12. Sathya says:

    Lovely capture Adam !

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Just Perfect