Camping under the Ruins

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Today I present you an inside look at my campsite from this Saturday.  Scoping out the abandoned medieval town of San Severino di Centola, I decided it would be a cool place to visit in the early evening, drink some wine, read, photograph the sunset, and find somewhere to camp out.  Although I found a killer view of the abandoned town, it was not the best camping site, so I had to look elsewhere.  About 150 feet down the hill, directly underneath the crumbling, medieval castle, the ground was flat and perfect to sent up camp.

I had trouble sleeping for some odd reason, so I gave up around 3:30 AM in order to take some night photos.  I have an ongoing project of capturing my campsites in neat locations, like the shots I shared last week from Matera.  While I was editing this photo it really hit home how lucky I have been these past 3 years in Italy.  It is a bittersweet feeling to think that I will be done with the Navy and Italy in just over a month.  How many places can you camp under an medieval castle and not be bothered by a soul in the US??

I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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  1. Jimi Jones says:

    Lovely, lovely shot, Adam!
    This is way cool, bud. What a great opportunity to experience this perhaps, once in a lifetime situation.

    Well done!

  2. That is very cool Adam. I’m much more accustomed to campsites where there are tents every 50 feet in the middle of the woods. Looks like a great experience.

  3. Rick Louie says:

    That would be so cool to camp near a castle. I just spent a week in the Colorado back country. It’s so relaxing to be out where not many other people are, the fresh air at 12K ft and the stars!

    I like tent images. The only one I got this time was with my iPhone. Keep in mind the eye travels to where the light it so for me the light on the rocks is a little distracting from the night sky. I think just the tent lit would have been cool! My 2 cents.

    Enjoy your travels, or what’s left. Must be awesome to have had the opportunity to live in Italy!

    • Adam Allegro says:

      Thanks Rick, I appreciate the feedback! I agree with you in principle, but was willing to sacrifice the night sky a bit to get some detail in the ruined castle. I do appreciate the honest feedback though!!!

  4. Jason Hines says:

    Man, you have really been rocking your shots lately. I love the colors in the night sky and I love being able to camp where there’s not a soul around. I was lucky enough to find a campsite at the edge of the Grand Canyon with no one around recently… It was great.

    You might consider naming your images based on your location. For example, naming this one San Severino di Centola.jpg will yield more search traffic for people searching for that location.

  5. Rich McPeek says:

    Awesome shot Adam! From the shots you’ve shared and what you’ve described, you truly are a lucky guy to get to enjoy all these amazing places! Great work my friend!

  6. Michele says:

    The whole scene is almost surreal, the tent glowing, the background, wonderful to look at. Yes, you are a lucky person to have had the experiences you had while living in Italy since 2009. And just so you know, I believe there are not too many be places in the United States you can camp out, as you have been doing, without fear for your safety.

  7. Edith Levy says:

    Perfect Adam. The lighting and exposure is spot on. I’m enjoying this series.

  8. Mark says:

    Awesome shot, looks so peaceful, thanks Adam.

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Camping under the Ruins