Alberobello and the Trulli – Night

I wanted to thank everyone for their insightful and informative comments on Tuesday’s post from the Castel del Monte.  It was interesting to see everyone’s views on composition and I learned a thing or two.  You guys rock :) I am looking at doing one more big trip here in Europe before I leave in August.  I am planning on taking the Fiat Brava across Italy to Bari and catching a ferry across to Albania.  From there I am going to drive north, spending time in Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.  Since it will be my first time visiting these countries, I am extremely stoked.  I am going to bring the tent and try to camp out some of the time.  There are some wonderful places to photograph, so I plan on bringing 4 batteries, 2 x 64 GB memory cards, and the D800.  Stay tuned for more details! Today we take a look at the charming little town of Alberobello at night.  Some of these were taken during dusk and some after dinner when it was peaceful and dark.  If you missed yesterday’s post, I recommend checking it out so you can see the contrast.  Additional details for the town can also be found there.  Anyways, I hope everyone’s week is going well!  Does anyone have cool photography plans this weekend??  Enjoy!

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  1. don hamilton says:

    Good Morning Adam, Well as the world turns, i see you are working it hard!! I was wondering if you could get you hands on a t/s lens, for the buildings, and architecture, is going to be a big opp for ya as you continue your journey! I acquired one canon 24mm t/s new version and it’s killer for these kind of shots, also the lens in normal mode blows away any other 24mm optics, except for the same zeiss lens! Sometimes the distortions in buildings can’t be helped,, other times it could. I’m personally leaning towards the last three images, all are good travel captures. Image number three is very cool as well. Maybe number them or id, so folks could better comment. Just an fyi, in the meantime, keep’m coming, and chadse that light young man… what a wonderful Journey you are on!!
    PS I’m also going to be looking for some must see’s and tip’s from ya, as april 2013, i’m heading to europe for a rhine river cruise, thru germany, holland etc.
    I’m headed up to the florida panhandle, to chase the light, andwildlife!

  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Very cool series Adam. Those last two really rock.

  3. edith Levy says:

    Another great set Adam and I absolutely love the third image. The composition is perfect. The lights coming from the storefront gives you the perfect starting point and then the leading lines just make you travel down the lane. Love it.

  4. Wonderful series of images Adam. I continue to be jealous of these incredible places that you visit.

  5. Rich McPeek says:

    Sweet set of shots Adam! Love the last one! Great work!

  6. Fantastic location and wonderful pictures Adam! My favourite is the one with the birds, so much atmosphere and mood to the picture.

  7. Another great series of shots, Adam! These perfectly complement yesterday’s daylight shots. I’m with Edith, the third one is my favorite and her comment is exactly what I would say.

  8. ken bello says:

    The rooftops are extraordinary here. Great shot, Adam. Can’t wait to see your photos from your upcoming trip.

  9. Michele says:

    Great pictures; the difference between day and night really shows up on the pictures. I like the old ladies in the day time pictures, they belong to the Trulli.

  10. Ben Tucker says:

    Great shot post Adam I like the 3rd photo and the one second to last these best love the lighting looks beautiful!

  11. Good Lord, my friend, what a magical place you’ve found! I can’t get over how incredible this is! I feel like I’ve been whisked away to a time hundreds of years ago to a place just full of wonder and character! Great job here, my friend!

  12. Cool images Adams. I really like the one of the birds. It reminds me of the movie.

  13. Jimi Jones says:

    Awesome series of shots, Adam!
    You even threw in an “Alfred Hitchcock” style shot with those birds. LOL
    Really well done, my friend.

  14. Nancy pryor says:

    How fortunate you are to be able to travel to so many places and how fortunate we out here who cannot travel, are to have you to share with us the beauty that you behold. My vocabulary does not have the capability to express the feelings you convey in your art. I cannot choose one of the above in this group. Thank you Adam for sharing.
    Nancy (a home grown Texan)

  15. Cool place, love the rooftops! Each little building looks like the top of a turret of a castle!

  16. LensScaper says:

    I love those last two images, Adam. What an amazing place this is.

  17. Matt says:

    Thank you for sharing, this brought back some nice memories of our visit to this small city a few years back. We did not get to see at night like this but we had a great visit just the same.

  18. Mark says:

    More stunning shots Adam, love the last two.

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  20. Marc says:

    Awesome pictures, thanks for posting. I still have family in Puglia and have been to Alberobello several times, the last time was about 5 years ago. I still remember being a little kid in the 80s, running up and down the hills of the town. I’m going to forward this on to my family.

    • Adam Allegro says:

      Thank you for visiting and commenting! Puglia is a really beautiful place. Feel free to forward to anyone you want, in fact the more the merrier :) I will be taking off for a year, backpacking Europe, and would love to grow my following!

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