Looking Up

This coming weekend I will heading to Turin, Italy (you might recognize it as Torino, where the Winter Olympics were held back in 2006).  I am pretty excited to ge out of Naples for a weekend, and always enjoy exploring and photographing a new place!  Stay tuned for a new adventure and photos!

Today I wanted to share a photo that may be a bit cliché, but one I enjoy nonetheless.  While trekking up Monte Terminio in Avellino this past weekend, I looked up to see this impressive scene.  The sky was full of fragmented clouds, providing a wonderful backdrop to the scraggly branches.

To make an image like this, you would need a fairly open lens, something in the 10-20mm range.  A fisheye would work terrifically.  I used my 14-24mm Wine Angle to get all of the branches to look like a natural roof.  Now obviously the branches are not horizontally covering me, but are all straight.  The wide focal length bends them inward to give the trees this appearance.  I always enjoy seeing these types of natural abstracts.

Processing was done in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro (those of you who visit often know how much I love this program).  You can get your free trial here (and/or save 15% on purchase)!

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  1. Mark says:

    Yeah nice shot, I haven’t tried Silver Efex yet but will look into it when I get home. I like the 14-24mm Wine Angle, I see what was on your mind while writing this. :)


  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Cool perspective Adam. That wide angle really rocks and is great for shots like these

  3. ken bello says:

    Cliché or not, this photo, done well, is always a delight. The B&W treatment works well, too.

  4. Really beautiful and the B&W is a perfect choice!

  5. I’ve always liked this type of shot Adam, and the distortion from looking up with a wide angle is what makes them fun. Nice job.

  6. Jimi Jones says:

    Great shot, Adam. This is a perspective that is often overlooked. Makes for great shots with a fisheye.

    I did a similar one sometime back and it was quite popular, as this one will certainly be. Google “Looking Up” and it’s still ranked among the images on the first page.

    Nice work, man.

  7. Edith Levy says:

    I really like this shot Adam and I love your choice of B&W.

  8. Nice one Adam, though the image is kind of a little out of a good horror story for me :)

  9. Curt Fleenor says:

    You’re right Adam, wide angle is really the only way to make a shot like this work. I tried a few times with an 18mm and it never worked out the way I imagined. I’ll have to try it again now that I have an 8mm fish!

  10. Great shot Adam, love the perspective and really works well in B&W

  11. LensScaper says:

    That’s a good example of this classic overhead shot.

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Looking Up