Snowy Abstracts

For my last post before my internet connectivity comes in to question (I will still have email if anyone would like to reach me –, I wanted to share some abstract shots of the beautiful white snow from this past weekend skiing at the Arlberg Resort in St. Anton, Austria.  A mix of processing styles, colors, and settings, the following images are some of my favorites from the trip – and I don’t usually produce many abstracts.

I will be featuring these photos for a guest post over at my good friend’s blog Bound For Adventure!  Maia is a wonderful photographer, fellow US Naval Academy Alumnus, and great friend who is currently living and working in Germany.  She has traveled extensively throughout Africa and has some wonderful writeups of her adventures.  Go check out her site and give her a little love!

Thanks for visiting!!

  1. LensScaper says:

    These are terrific abstracts, Adam. For a fellow skier, seeing tracks like that, like etched lines, is such an invitation to get out there. It’s what skiing is all about. And by the way, the site loaded a lot faster today!

  2. Chantal says:

    they make fine iPhone wallpapers

  3. Len Saltiel says:

    Wonderful images Adam. Great lines and tones.

  4. Curt Fleenor says:

    These look as if they were taken on some distant alien world! Great shots Adam!

  5. Eden says:

    Super cool idea Adam! Nice work :)

  6. Rick Louie says:

    I really like the last two. I love the mood of the blue one and the sepia one at the end is like Mars or something. Good work!

  7. Jimi Jones says:

    Nice work capturing these, bud. Really digging that 3rd shot with the blue tone, just something about that one. :-)

    Your friends sit sounds interesting, will check it out.

  8. Dave DiCello says:

    Adam these are really creative and well captured!

  9. Adam Olson says:

    These are awesome! The contrast of the ski tracks are fantastic. Wonderful idea!

  10. theo says:

    every of these photographs is a brilliant work Adam, you are really generous

    kind regards

  11. Edith Levy says:

    Adam they’re all great shots but I absolutely love the second one. The muted tones, the patterns make it very unique.

  12. Ken Bello says:

    I really like these, Adam. They stand on their own and show good design and composition. Well done.

  13. Great images Adam, other worldly

  14. Mats says:

    Great abstracts! It seems like we will get some snow tomorrow (normally we already have loads of snow this time a year but not now, not yet). I’m hoping to get some wintery photos then… :)

  15. Jim Nix says:

    very cool Adam, great idea, well executed!!

  16. A.Barlow says:

    Love that 2nd shot. My fav. very cool.

  17. Wow. I love all the lines! So eye-catching. Hard to look away.

  18. Astrid Sanschagrin says:

    These are nice photographs. At first, I thought it was only photoshop images until I’ve read that these are photographs. I agree that your friend is wonderful photographer based on the images that you posted. And I love the snowy effect in your site, which reminds me of snowing and Christmas.

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Snowy Abstracts Snowy Abstracts Snowy Abstracts Snowy Abstracts