Crashing Waves at Sunset

So, because I feel a 4000 camera is not practical at the moment, and the actual release of the D800 is very questionable, I am considering purchasing the aged (but still awesome) D700.  Any D700 owners out there have anything bad to say about the camera??

On Friday I headed out to Monte di Procida again to get some sunset shots on the water.  I was hoping the waves would be crashing a little bigger. When I timed it right, I was able to get some decent crashes.  Below are 3 different images.  Which is your favorite??

Thanks for the visit!!  Check back tomorrow!

  1. Chantal says:

    I like the colored ones the best, the speak more to me

  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Great shots Adam. I like the bottom one as the water has that silky look.

    Don’t fret about the D700. I love mine and would highly recommend it.

  3. Jimi Jones says:

    I like the top shot best with those deeper purple hues and the sun just over the horizon. They are all great shots though. Nice work.

  4. Dave DiCello says:

    They are all awesome man, but I gotta go with that top shot. Incredible colors, love the look of the waves, you’ve nailed it man.

  5. Dave DiCello says:

    Oh and go with the D700. Nothing wrong with it at all, I literally have no complaints. Incredible piece of equipment!

  6. I like the first shot best as well. The colors and the action of the crashing waves are fantastic.

  7. Marc Collins says:

    Got to agree the first shot is the best, it has more contrast to the scene making it stand out for me.

  8. LensScaper says:

    I agree – the first one has more drama and contrast – lovely shot

  9. Edith Levy says:

    Wonderful shots Adam. I like the bottom one the best as you’ve really captured the crashing waves beautifully.

  10. Rob says:

    Awesome work! I like the black and white image. It brings out the texture.

  11. A.Barlow says:

    Shot #1 wins I think. The sun is in the perfect spot under the clouds. Looks really nice.

  12. Jim Nix says:

    wow Adam, great shots and I really love the first one best, mostly due to the contrasty rocks and the shape/color of the clouds

    Now, on the D800/D700 thing – I am in the exact same place mate! I bought full frame glass last week (14-24, 28-300) and was hoping the D800 was around the corner, but I too am thinking it is getting questionable and nearly pulled the trigger on the D700 this weekend – and I might just do that in the next 2 weeks – everyone I know with the D700 raves about it – it is awesome all the way around!

  13. Eden says:

    Adam, these are amazing! That first one is breathtaking.

  14. The first shot gets my vote. I like the patterns in the sky and the sun being is in the shot. There all good, just the first is my favorite.

  15. Victoria says:

    Wow, beautiful! I love this pictures! :)

  16. Ed says:

    All 3 have great qualities but if I had to pics I’d say the last one because of the movement of the water on the rocks. I looked at the D700 but due to finances I think I’m going with a D90, I can get a new one with a nikon 60mm macro lens package for around 700.00 u.s. :-)

  17. Curt Fleenor says:

    Man these are all just great! If I had to choose I would go with the last one because of the smooth texture of the crashing wave and the subtle lighting.

  18. jlem1125 says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could also take picture as breathtaking as that!

  19. The top shot is my favourite, although I perhaps prefer the splash pattern on the bottom a little more.

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Crashing Waves at Sunset Crashing Waves at Sunset Crashing Waves at Sunset