Rain to the Left, Sun to the Right, Clouds down the Middle

Recently I uploaded a few photos to the LA Times Travel section, as I do from time to time.  I grew up reading the paper, and fondly remember rushing down the driveway the morning after high school basketball games to see if there was a photo of myself from the night before.  Anyways, they got in touch and asked if I could submit more of my shots from the beautiful and mysterious Ales Stenar in Southern Sweden.  So, here are some of my pictures featured on the LA Times Offbeat Traveler site.

Internet finally came back on in my hotel room, so I wanted to post a shot from the other morning.  It had been pouring all night and when I was relieved by my buddy after standing 12 hours on the watchfloor, I was a little disappointed to see thick gray clouds everywhere I looked.  Holding out hope, I ventured up Monte Barico to see if I could salvage a shot of Vicenza.  After waiting a bit, the sun lit up the sky to the east and a rain front balanced it to the west.  The light only lasted about a minute, but I was able to capture it with my cat-like reflexes.  This photo does the scene a little justice:

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  1. Edith Levy says:

    Wow those are actually awesome looking clouds. I really like this. Great shot Adam.

  2. Loco says:

    I agree! Cloud cover is awesome, and vicenza cityscape is pretty cool too!

  3. Victoria says:

    Wow, very nice… I love the sky very much.

  4. Jimi Jones says:

    This is one awesome shot with those dramatic clouds, Adam.

  5. John says:

    Awesome shot Adam those clouds are very intense looking! Great work :)

  6. Marc Collins says:

    Amazing clouds here Adam. Very dramatic!

  7. Tim Pursall says:

    Dramatic stuff Adam! For full effect open it large! Regards

  8. Curt Fleenor says:

    Those are some really dramatic clouds! Nice shot Adam!

  9. Ed says:

    Fantastic shot, very moody..:-)

  10. Wayne Frost says:

    Congrats on the Times publishing your images, Adam. I was an avid reader/subscriber to the Times for about 50 years, until Zell and the Tribune folks gutted the life out of the paper, but maybe that does mean more opportunities for freelancers or independent bloggers. Hopefully they paid you fairly for the use of your images.

  11. I agree with everyone else – those clouds are magnificent. Congrats on getting your pictures featured!

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Rain to the Left, Sun to the Right, Clouds down the Middle