First off, I have entered 4 photos in the 2011 American Photo Images of the Year Contest and would loooooove your help in voting for them.  Here is a link to all the entries; mine should be near the top.  There are some amazing photographers in this contest, so I realize I don’t have much of a chance, but please vote and help me out!!  You have to register with Popular Photo, but that shouldn’t matter, its a great magazine!  Thank you so much for your help!!

Today i have some more macro photos for ya.  I stumbled upon 2 butterflies mating on Sunday while waiting for our brunch table to be ready at the awesome little restaurant in Lago d’Averno.  The last is an artsy approach, but I like the result.  Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!!  Don’t forget to vote for my photos here!!

  1. Jan Winther says:

    Very cool shots, Adam. The detail in the second shot is amazing.

  2. Edith Levy says:

    Beautiful Adam. I like all 3 shots and I agree with Jan the detail in the second is incredible.

  3. Adam Allegro says:

    Edith, thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate the visit!

  4. Jimi Jones says:

    Great shots!
    I agree with Jan and Edith, the detail is outstanding. Like the DOF as well, nice job.

    Sunday must have been butterfly mating day, I too captured a few images of a pair. What a coincidence. Mine remain on the camera, really haven’t looked them over yet. I recall one of the butterflies landing on my bear foot. :-)

    Will sign up and support your contest effort, Adam. Sounds like fun, plus I get to see more awesome photos.

  5. Len Saltiel says:

    Very nice shots Adam. I really like the bokeh in the second photo

  6. Dave DiCello says:

    I am always so impressed by macro work and these are no exception! What a great set of shots, the details are amazing! Good luck in the contest as well, heading over to vote!

  7. Adam Allegro says:

    Thanks Dave, I love shooting macro. You can usually find a completely different world in your front yard. Thanks for voting as well! Not expecting much, but its a start!

  8. Jason Hines says:

    Fantastic captures Adam!

  9. Eden says:

    Love the blue in the wing of the one butterfly. Good luck in the contest!

  10. Great images Adam! They are so colorful.

  11. Justin says:

    I really love the second photograph Adam!

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