Sofia’s Mysteries

So, we are currently sitting by the pool in Gibraltar after having spent the past 5 hrs climbing this Gimungous rock sitting at the mouth of the Mediterranean.  I am both sunburned and exhausted… From eating Paella in Valencia, to seeing some authentic Flamenco dancing in Granada this has an amazing vaca thus far.  Off to Seville today/tomorrow for more amazing food, culture and Bull Fighting!  Stay tuned for some VERY unique photos.

The following pictures are from a weekend getaway to the beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria in Eastern Europe.  In a 3 week period, in between working Monday to Friday, we took off for trips to Sofia, Bulgaria, Bucharest, Romania, and Budapest, Hungary.

This first shot is in a very beautiful Orthodox Church.  It looks as though the light is just dripping down from the roof.  I got yelled at right after i snapped this picture.  That seems to be the trend in churches, mosques, museums, or other cool places I try to photograph…

This is a random restaurant we strolled past while exploring the downtown.  I was messing with a lot of post-processing during these treacherous times of my photography career…  I rather liked how this one came out though.

A reminder of life behind the Iron Curtain.  There were so many Soviet-era statues around the city which seemed to judge you as you walked by.

Only a few more days of Spain… Get excited for some of the cutest photos you will ever see!  One hint… Tailless Monkeys.


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Sofia’s Mysteries Sofia’s Mysteries Sofia’s Mysteries