Thanks for the Support!!

I’ve been posting about 2 weeks now and I hit my first milestone, 1000 visitors.  hahaha, not that big of a deal, but hey its a start.  If you enjoy the posts and photos, please share the website with your friends and family.

Thought this was pretty neat.  I had one of my photos published on the “Fresh Photos” on yesterday evening.  Some of the pictures it got selected with are unbelievable, so I am not sure how mine got on there…  Here it is.

The team I am sponsoring will be competing in a little over a week in the Australian Adventure Race to support asthma research and awareness.  Please consider donating and supporting. I am going to send an 8×12 print of your choice from my portfolio if you donate $30 or more!  Thanks!

So, tomorrow we depart for Spain for 8 days.  I CAN’T WAIT!  I have stocked up on memory cards, socks, and undies for the trip.  I even went shopping yesterday for some new clothes…  So, in keeping with the Spanish spirit, today enjoy a few of my shots from Portugal last fall (I know that doesn’t make any sense, but its my website and I can write what I want :))  Here they are:

After eating some AMAZING portuguese food at this restaurant, I had to get a picture of it.  Waited about 10 minutes for all the cars and pedestrians to pass and finally it was clear for the shot.

This was the Moorish Castle in Sintra that I was locked in for almost 45 minutes after the sun set.  I was worried I would have to spend the night, and the temperature was getting very cold.  Luckily the security guard saw me jumping around on his security camera and came to let me out.  Pheww…

Sunset at this amazing little castle/tower on the water in Lisbon.  This was literally taken from my dinner table.

Stay tuned!  I will try to continue posting from Spain, depending on Internet availability.  Thanks for visiting!



  1. Jason Hines says:

    Great shots Adam and congrats on the 1000 visitors. It’s always rewarding knowing people are checking out your work. Great shots, I look forward to seeing more.

    • Adam Allegro says:

      Thanks buddy, appreciate the support. I am in Spain right now taking some awesome shots. Tomorrow the adventure begins. Trying to get some unique stuff here. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the Support!! Thanks for the Support!! Thanks for the Support!!