The World is Still Here!

Looks like the world didn’t end after all… That’s a relief.  We just cracked open a bottle of wine to celebrate.  I guess we technically have another 8 hours ’till Armaggeddon, so maybe we shouldn’t celebrate just yet.

I just submitted a few of my favorite photos to 500 PX (a pretty cool new website showcasing tons of awesome photographers).  Click here to check it out and vote for my pics!

Our team will be competing in a little over a week in the Australian Adventure Race to support asthma research and awareness.  Please consider donating and supporting. I am going to send an 8×12 print of your choice from my portfolio if you donate $30 or more!  Thanks!

Here are some Macro shots since I may not be able to post Monday.  We fly out of Rome at 7 Am, meaning I need to get my lazy bones out of bed by 0230 so we make it on time.  Joy.  It is going to be an amazing trip though, landing in Valencia and traveling the coast along with some awesome hikes in the national parks, finishing in Seville.  I should have tons of new photos to share with you when we return.  Anyways, enjoy these shots from the fascinating little world of macro photography!

Snapped this photo on a little walk around my neighborhood a couple weeks back.  I was bracketing for an HDR image, but ended up liking the over-exposed shot even better.

Every couple hours I walk by this little palm plant in my front yard this snail was further along.  Where he’s going I have no clue.  He disappeared after our gardeners came by…

Shot these purple wildflowers of the side of the highway in Puglia, Italy.  Tried out some HDR rendering as well.  You like??

I almost stepped on this colorful caterpillar walking through a field to shoot these awesome ruins.  This ended up coming out better.

Smile, drink some wine, the word is still turning.


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The World is Still Here! The World is Still Here! The World is Still Here! The World is Still Here!