Ready, Fire, Aim!

First off, I want to thank Jason Hines over at The Perfect Sunset for his kind comments and for featuring my Photoblog on his Friday Photo Spots.  Click the link above to check it out, he has some fantastic stuff.

People have already started donating to support a cause to raise awareness about the chronic lung disease, asthma.  Thanks!! We have raised $440 in the first two days!  Please check out this site to read more.  I am sending an 8×12 print of your choice from my gallery to anyone donating just $30 or more!  C’mon guys, its easy to donate, tax deductible (receipt provided), and for a great cause.  Everyone knows someone with asthma and how difficult it is living with the disease.  Thanks!!

So, I think I must live in a cave at times.  It was only yesterday that I found out the world is going to end tomorrow.  Wonder if I can get the plane tickets to Spain for Monday refunded…? Oh well, it was a cheap Ryanair flight anyways (They don’t have enough leg room as it is).

Don’t read too far in to today’s title.  Ready, Fire, Aim is more or less an inside joke describing recent events in the Mediterranean Sea.  While “deployed” on the USS MOUNT WHITNEY for Operation Odyssey Dawn, when I wasn’t sitting in front of a computer tracking dots on a screen, I had the chance to get some pretty cool shots at sea.  These are all with my Nikon D90 and 35mm Nikon Lens.  Enjoy and smile, the week’s over. Well I guess the world is too.

French Dauphin taking off for the French Aircraft Carrier after refueling onboard the Mighty WHITNEY.

I almost died shooting this.  These 3 dolphins were playing around near the bow of the ship.  Someone pointed this out to me when I was shooting the awesome sunset.  I gave up on the sunset and jimmied myself up and over the bullnose (front-most tip of the ship), leaned over, only my feel tangled around some wire or line holding me in.  I shots tons, but I think this one is the most interesting.  If the aspect is confusing I basically turned the photo around 180 to make it look more natural.

.50 caliber machine gun rounds.  US Navy ships pulling in and out of port will take some pretty hefty anti-terrorism measures.

Black and white HDR of the USS MOUNT WHITNEY’s helicopter, call sign Ghostrider.

One of the Seals onboard pontificating (good word eh?) with the setting sun.

I hope the world doesn’t end.



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Ready, Fire, Aim! Ready, Fire, Aim! Ready, Fire, Aim! Ready, Fire, Aim! Ready, Fire, Aim!