Wandering through the Ruins

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OK, now on to the photos.  This past weekend we went to see the ruins at Ercolano (The more awesome Pompeii).  This place is sick.  There are so many buildings still standing and even the creepy skeletal remains of some of the town’s inhabitants.  Anyways, you can read about it in more detail here on Wikipedia (Also called Herculaneum). Enjoy!

The entire site.  One of the reasons I like this place so much better than Pompeii is because you can actually take your time and see everything in an afternoon.  Pompeii is not as well preserved, there are always scores of tourists, and every stone looks just like the last.  Granted, I have not been to Pompeii since I was a child, but my opinion still stands :)

One of the colorful hallways in the best preserved house.  No color added here, just good old fashioned slow shutter speeds along with some HDR processing.

The female baths.  I think they were closed for the day.

My favorite thing to see in Ercolano.  This temple is so peaceful and quiet.  I had to wait for quite a while for the room to empty so I could get this shot. 

The inscription in Latin eludes me, but this looked like what use to be a passageway of sorts, covered up and slapped with this nifty inscription.  I love the cracks on the stone here.

Another well preserved structure.  The buildings here are so colorful and vivid. 

Took this the night before from a sweet little hotel overlook in Solfatara, near Pozzuoli.  I am constantly on the prowl for new and interesting locations to shoot so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

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Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins Wandering through the Ruins