Arco Felice Time-lapse

Came across this funny picture on today at work.

Courtesy of  I think the site is from Denmark, so I can’t understand the writing, but the pictures are pretty good.

Last night I stopped by the Arco Felice to shoot one more session on the way home.  I like the way it turned out (I did almost get hit a couple times, so I’ll say I put my life on the line to get this footage).  Used 1 second exposures, 1 second interval (which turned out to shoot one right after another with no interval at all), 600 or so shots, and zipped it up to 25 FPS for the video.  Sorry for not putting any sweet music to these, but i am filming stuff around Naples to make a full video of neat things to see, these are just the raw snippets.  Altogether I shot 3500 photos yesterday evening.  Crazyness.

I’ll have more up later.

  1. slocasino says:

    slocasino Nice entry, thanks. Do you have a Youtube account?

  2. Dustin says:

    Nice time-lapses! What programs do you use besides QuickTime to edit these? I have a D7000 myself and want to do more time-lapses. Thanks and great work!

    • Adam Allegro says:

      Thanks Dustin. I take the pictures (usually 999 with the D7000 so I can get a good range to choose from) then import to Lightroom. Apply to all, crop (if needed), sharpen, contrast, etc… but I dont worry too much about it because the window people view it is is usually going to be small. Also, I shoot in Small/Fine JPEG format for Time Lapse. I know some people shoot in HDR, but I am too lazy to do all that editing… I’ll then export to a folder, usually at 50% quality to cut down on size. Then I use Quicktime Pro to put the video together. Configue settings for the vid (frame rate, size, etc…) then export it as a MOV file for the internet. Hope that helped a bit…

  3. Tim says:

    Brings back memories. I lived on top of the arch for 3 years. When I completed my runs I did stretching, sit ups and push ups right on top. Even rappelled down the face on a vino driven night.. thanks

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Arco Felice Time-lapse